3V Fasteners Company Passes Comprehensive Audit Conducted By NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

3V Fasteners Company, Inc. has passed a comprehensive audit by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center to assess compliance with internal processes, the AS9100B standard for Quality Management Systems, and contractual requirements.  The assessment team identified no instances of critical non-compliance or any non-compliance issue that could pose a risk to NASA, according to a summary report.

The team ultimately credited 3V Fasteners as being “one of the most disciplined and well-documented organizations” ever assessed.

The assessment team examined processes and practices at 3V Fasteners through direct observation, interviews, and review of associated records and documentation.  The assessment focus covered quality management practices, customer communications and satisfaction, purchasing processes, staff training, work environment, and industrial safety, among many other categories.

3V Fasteners Company, based in Corona, CA, is a global leader in fastening technologies and specializes in precision aerospace fastener products.  The company is a subsidiary of PennEngineering®, headquartered in Danboro, PA.



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