3V® Fasteners Now Offers Titanium Bolts And Screws For Standard Or Unique
Customer Designs

3V® Fasteners Company, Inc. introduces a new capability to supply titanium bolts and screws to satisfy standard designs or accommodate unique customer requirements for a wide range of attachment applications in the aerospace industry.  The externally threaded NAS and MS parts are manufactured from traditional titanium alloy TI-6AL-4V and weigh 40% less than comparable non-titanium hardware.  They ideally suit applications onboard commercial and military aircraft from actuators to seat track assemblies, among many others.

In addition to inherent weight savings, 3V titanium fasteners exhibit high strength-to-weight ratio, high-temperature properties and stability, low density, and corrosion resistance.  Parts can be manufactured to achieve 160 KSI tensile strength, 95KSI shear strength, and demonstrate excellent fatigue performance.

3V titanium fasteners can be provided in various head types (12 point, hex, flush, flat fillister, and pan) and drives in thread sizes -04 to -8 and diameters .093 to .500.  All can be offered either uncoated or with aluminum or cadmium plate.

3V Fasteners Company, Inc., based in Corona, CA, and a subsidiary of PennEngineering®, has been a leading manufacturer of precision aerospace fasteners since 1982.  The latest product extension into titanium fasteners results from 3V’s ongoing investment in new processes.



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